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This API is designed to help developers manipulate native pointers

Due to the x64 calling convention, any object (size>8) is passed by reference. To learn more details, please refer to msdoc: x64 calling convention

Memory allocation

This function helps to allocate a block of memory of a specified size

static NativePointer.malloc(size)

  • Parameters:
  • int64: size The size of the memory to be allocated
  • Return value: a pointer to the new memory
  • Return type: NativePointer

Memory destruction

Destroy a specified block of memory


  • Parameters:
  • NativePointer: block The block of memory to be destroyed

Pointer offset

Get the address after offsetting relative to a pointer


  • Parameters:
  • int32: offset

  • Return value: the pointer after offsetting

  • Return type: NativePointer

Get symbol address

Get an MCAPI symbol address, equivalent to dlsym in CPP


  • Parameters:
  • String: symbol The symbol to be queried
  • Return value: the query result, or a null pointer if the query fails
  • Return type: NativePointer

Get address instance

Get a pointer instance of a specified address


  • Parameters:
  • String/int64: address The address, expressed as a hexadecimal string or a number
  • Return value: the pointer instance of the corresponding address
  • Return type: NativePointer

Get pointer address

Get the raw pointer address


  • Return value: the pointer address expressed as a number
  • Return type: int64

Get pointer address description

Get the raw pointer address (hexadecimal string)


  • Return value: the pointer address expressed as a hexadecimal string
  • Return type: String

Read and write pointer memory

The following virtual properties are set up to help access the pointer content. The available types are shown in the table below.


Access name Size Special notes
byte 1 This property is read and written through hexadecimal strings
int8 1
uint8 1
int16 2
uint16 2
int32 3
uint32 4
long 4
ulong 4
int64 8
uint64 8
float 4
double 8
string 32 This property represents std::string*
bool 1