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📜 Get System Information API

The following APIs provide interfaces to obtain necessary system information:

Get Current Time String


  • Return value: The current time string, using the local time zone and 24-hour clock. For example: 2021-04-03 19:15:01
  • Return value type: String

Get the Current Time Object


  • Return value: The current time object Object)

  • Return value type: Object<Integer,Integer,Integer,Integer,Integer,Integer,Integer>

  • For the returned time object tm, there are the following members:

Field Meaning Data Type
tm.Y Year value (4 digits) Integer
tm.M Month value Integer
tm.D Day value Integer
tm.h Hour value (24-hour clock) Integer
tm.m Minute value Integer
tm.s Seconds value Integer Millisecond value Integer

Randomly Generate a Guid String


  • Return value: A randomly generated unique identifier GUID.
  • Return value type: String