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LLSE - NBT Documentation

NBT (Named Binary Tags) format is a storage format used in Minecraft to store data into files. The NBT format stores data in a tree structure with many tags. All tags have an independent ID and name.

--- Minecraft Wiki

This provides scripts with the ability to manipulate the NBT data type. NBT interface support greatly improves the scalability of the game.

In the game, a node called NBT tag is used to identify an item of NBT data. A variety of data types such as ordinary data, List, Compound, etc. can be stored in NBT tags.

In LegacyScriptEngine, each NBT data type has its corresponding data type, and we collectively call them "NBT objects". The comparison of the LLSE type with the NBT data type is as follows:

NBT Data Type Corresponding NBT Object Type Type Description (Wiki)
Byte NbtByte Signed byte or boolean (8 bits)
Short NbtShort Signed Short (16-bit)
Int NbtInt Signed Integer (32-bit)
Long NbtLong Signed Long (64-bit)
Float NbtFloat Single precision floating point number
Double NbtDouble Double precision floating point number
ByteArray NbtByteBuffer Byte Array
String NbtString UTF-8 string
List NbtList NBT List (similar to array)
Compound NbtCompound NBT Tags (Similar to a list of Key-Value pairs)

Each data type may have a slightly different usage interface. They are introduced separately below:

🎈 NBT Object Generic Interface

Each NBT object contains some executable member functions (member methods).
For any kind of NBT object, there are the following general interfaces. named nbt. An example of an NBT object of:

Get the Data Type Stored by the NBT Object


  • Return value: The data type stored by this NBT object.
  • Return value type: Enum

Possible return values are: NBT.End NBT.Byte NBT.Short NBT.Int NBT.Long
NBT.Float NBT.Double NBT.ByteArray NBT.String
NBT.List NBT.Compound

Convert NBT Object to JSON String


  • Parameter:
  • space : Integer
    (Optional parameter) If you want to format the output string, pass this parameter.
    Represents the number of spaces per indent, so the resulting string is more human-readable.
    This parameter defaults to -1, i.e. the output string is not formatted.
  • Return value: The JSON form of the NBT object.
  • Return value type: String

Hint: If this NBT object stores the List or Compoundtype, they will expand recursively to Array or Object. If this NBT object stores the ByteArray Type, the output byte string will be base64 encoded before output.

The string output by the above function conforms to the JSON standard format, but cannot be deserialized. If there is a need for deserialization, please use the SNBT interface provided by the NBT tag class.