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๐Ÿ“ฑ Device Information Object API

In LLSE, the "device information object" is used to manipulate and obtain information about the game device used by a player.

Get a Device Info Object

Acquired by the Player

Get the device information object corresponding to a player through the .getDevice member function of the player object See Player Object API

Note: Do not save a device information object long-term. When the player corresponding to the device exits the game, the corresponding object will become invalid. Therefore, if there is a need to operate an object for a long time, please obtain the real-time device information object through the above methods.

Device Information Object - Properties

Each device information object contains some fixed object properties. for a specific entity object dv, has the following properties:

Attributes Meaning Data Types
dv.ip The IP address of the player's device String
dv.avgPing Average network latency for players (ms) Integer
dv.avgPacketLoss Player's average network packet loss rate (%) Float
dv.lastPing Network latency for players (ms) Integer
dv.lastPacketLoss Player's network packet loss rate (%) Float
dv.os The OS type of the player's device String
dv.inputMode Player's input mode Integer
dv.serverAddress The player's connection address String
dv.clientId ID of the player client String

These object properties are read-only and cannot be modified

Among them, the operating system type attribute returns a string that records the operating system of the player's device. The possible return values โ€‹โ€‹are as follows:

dv.os Device Operating System
Android Google Android (Mobile phone)
iOS Apple iOS (Mobile phone) or iPadOS
OSX Apple macOS (Computer)
Amazon Amazon FireOS
GearVR Samsung GearVR
Hololens Microsoft Hololens
WIN10 Microsoft Windows (Computer)
Win32 Microsoft Win32 (Education Edition?) (Computer)
TVOS Apple tvOS
PlayStation Sony PlayStation Host
Nintendo Nintendo Switch Host
Xbox Microsoft Xbox Host
WindowsPhone Windows Mobile
Dedicated Dedicated server (Device os spoofer)
Unknown Unknown System
Input mode ENUM