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LLSE - Script Assist Interface Documentation

A large number of helper functions are provided here, including log functions, loader function interfaces, and more.

They make it easier and more natural for you to develop scripts and avoid a lot of unnecessary details.

📅 Generic logging API

In the past, it was a very troublesome thing to output logs in a certain format to a specified location. Today, LLSE provides you with a convenient generic logging interface.

Concept: About log output levels

In order to rank the priority and importance of logs, we introduce the concept of log output level. The higher the log output level, the more detailed the content of the log, but the larger the amount of logs output at the same time. See the table below for details:

Log Output Level Log Severity Log Description
0 Slient No log output.
1 Fatal Only critical error messages.
2 Error Only error and critical error messages.
3 Warn Output arnings, errors, critical errors.
4 Info Output everythng except debug info.
5 Debug Output everything.

With the Log output level setting, you can easily filter out some unnecessary information in the production environment.

The default value of the log output level is 4, that is, all kinds of logs other than debug information will be output. With some APIs given below, you can adjust the log output level to your own desired value.

Set Output Configuration

Before using the general log interface, you need to modify some configuration settings of the log output according to your needs.

You can freely choose to send the log to the console, file or even a player by modifying the settings. These settings can exist at the same time, for example, you can set to send to the console and file at the same time. If you don't change any settings, by default the log will only be output to the console.

Set whether the log is output to the console


  • Parameter:
  • isOpen : Boolean
    Set whether the log is output to the console The switch is on by default.
  • logLevel : Integer
    (optional parameter) the log output level of the console, the default is 4
  • Return value: none

Set whether the log is output to a file


  • Parameter:
  • filepath : String
    Set the file path where logs are output. If you pass in an empty string or Null, then output to a file is closed. The switch is off by default.
  • logLevel : Integer
    (optional parameter) the minimum log output level of the file, the default is 4
  • Return value: none

If you want to output to a file, we recommend that you output the log uniformly to BDS_Root_Directory/logs/ folder for easy organization and inspection.

Set whether the log is output to a certain player


  • Parameter:
  • player : Player
    Set the target player object for sending logging output. If it returns Null, output to the player is closed. The switch is off by default
  • logLevel : Integer
    (optional parameter) The player's minimum log output level, defaults to 4
  • Return value: none

This is a function designed to facilitate in-game debugging. The log output to the player will be treated as a chat message and displayed on the target player's screen.

### Output Log Function

After the setup is complete, you can use the function here to output the log.

logger.log(data1,data2,...) -> Output normal text
logger.debug(data1,data2,...) -> Output debugging information,data2,...) -> Output prompt information
logger.warn(data1,data2,...) -> Output warning message
logger.error(data1,data2,...) -> Output error messages
logger.fatal(data1,data2,...) -> Output critical error message

  • Parameter:
  • Variable or data to be output
    Can be of any type, and the number of parameters can be any number.
  • Return value: none

Among them, ordinary text will be output as it is when output, while other output interfaces will append the current time and log type. For example: you call logger.error("Fail to transport the player")
The result of the log output is:

Text Only
[2021-05-21 19:41:03 Error] Fail to transport the player

Other Settings

In addition, there are other settings to change the format of the output log

Set custom log message headers


  • Parameter:
  • title : String
    Set custom headers
  • Return value: none

"Header" is the text at the beginning of the log output entry, which is used to visually distinguish the output source of the log. By default, message headers are empty by default, i.e. output without headers.

For example: set a custom header as logger.setTitle("LeviLamina")
Then the following log output will become like:

Text Only
20:05:26 ERROR [LeviLamina] Fail to transport the player

If you want to turn off the header after setting it, do logger.setTitle("")

Unified modification log output level


  • Parameter:
  • level : Integer
    Log output level
  • Return value: none

Unified reset of log output levels for various output directions