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📮 Block Entity Object API

In LLSE, "block entity objects" are used to manipulate and obtain additional data associated with a particular block. Note: Block Entity Object is not a Entity! There is no special relationship between them.

Get a Block Entity Object

Obtained From Blocks

For an existing block object bl, there are:


  • Return type: The block's block entity object.
  • Return value type: BlockEntity
  • If the return value is Null, it means that obtaining the block entity object failed, or this block doesn't have a corresponding entity object.

Note: Do not save a block entity object. When the block corresponding to the block object is destroyed, the corresponding block entity object will become invalid. Therefore, if there is a need to operate a certain block entity for a long time, please obtain the real-time block entity object through the above method.

Block Entity Object - Properties

Each block entity object contains some fixed object properties. For a particular block entity object be, there are the following properties:

Attributes Meaning Data Type The block entity name (example: container.chest) String
be.pos The coordinates where the block entity is located. IntPos
be.type The Type ID of the block entity object. Integer

These object properties are read-only and cannot be modified.

Block Entity Object - Function

Each block entity object contains some member functions (member methods) that can be executed. For a specific block entity object be, you can perform some operations on this block entity through the following functions:

Get the Block Entity's NBT Object


  • Return type: NBT object of the block entity.
  • Return value type: NbtCompound

Write to the Block Entity's NBT object


  • Parameters:
  • nbt : NbtCompound
    NBT objects.
  • Return type: Whether the write was successful or not.
  • Return value type: Boolean

For more usage of NBT objects, please refer to NBT Interface Documentation

Get the Block Entity's Block Object


  • Return type: The block entity's block object.
  • Return value type: Block